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The Courage Key

This is my first book, and I am so excited to share it with you.


Anxiety sucks. It can hijack your whole life. Except that it doesn’t have to. Let me teach you techniques that will allow you to make a friend out of the fear that has you in its grip. Learn what anxiety is, where it comes from, how it works, and how to bring it back into balance in your life. I share my own journey with anxiety and panic attacks and unpack everything I learned along my path to bringing anxiety out of disorder and into alignment.


Content Creation Intensive

In this 60-90 minute one on one you will get clarity on the foundational message and language of your business and create a plan for 20 weeks worth of content. This content will be targeted with precision at your ideal clients’ needs and help you take the guesswork out of creating the consistent daily content that is needed in our digital modern world to get your message to the people who need it and create the change you know is possible. 

You will receive 

– 1 90 minute intensive 1:1 session

– A worksheet to help you clarify your message

– 2 visual organizers preloaded with your themes

– Access to one month of the Write Now Mastery Program which also includes a one-hour group call where you can create a months worth of content, a guest expert workshop on a variety of topics, and weekly live Q & A sessions with me to help keep you on track.

Investment – $197

Email me here to book your spot or ask questions.

Write Now Mastery Program

This is a 12-month immersive program that is designed with two tracks

1. Content Creators

2. Authors

Are you struggling to create the content you need on a consistent basis? 

Are you “seat of the pantsing it”?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know what you are posting, blogging, or podcasting about well ahead of time and know that it will be of value to your audience, build the “know, like, trust” factor, and help you convert fans into clients?

Do you have a book in you, but you don’t know where to start?

Have you started writing a book, but are having a hard time finishing it?

Have you almost finished your book but have no idea where to go next? 

This program is designed to help you get clear on all of these things and more. 

You will get 

  • monthly group content creation calls
  • One coaching session a month with me
  • Monthly guest experts on a variety of topics that will support your goals 
  • Weekly Q & A sessions with me 
  • Plus tons of other great content

Let’s talk and see if we are a good fit and figure out which level of investment is best for you.

Email me here. 


I work with authors who are creating transformational books. Your message is meant to drive change in the world, but getting from idea to book is a challenging journey. 

I can help you starting at any point along your path to get from where you are to published. 

I offer a variety of editing and coaching services including 

Developmental editing

– Copyediting

– Proofreading 

– Ghostwriting 

Accountability and Support to get you writing, keep you writing, and grow your skills.

Investment – varies depending on the scope of the project.

Let’s talk and see how we can work best together based on where you are at in the process, what your needs are and how I can best support you.

Email me here 🙂  

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