The Great Paradigm Shift


There has been a great paradigm shift that has taken place in my consciousness.

I have come into an understanding that all is one. That everything in the universe is connected and that love is the great remedy. As an antidote, love is pretty powerful. I have come to understand that we stand at a crucial branch point in history and we have only to look up and think largely enough to see it.

All around us evidence is becoming more and more perceptible that we are not living in a harmonious way with the biosphere and that collective selfishness is driving us towards our own destruction. It is our own institutions of power and ignorant apathy that will reinforce this progression to ultimate disaster.

And so it is becoming clear to me that it is my place to be a voice of love and awareness, a voice of information and empowerment towards the awakening of our species to our place in history, the brink upon which we constantly stand. This never changes, that we stand upon the tip of the wave that carries us into the future, if you consider time to be a strict progression of cause and effect. If you perceive time to be more of a non linear, non subjective ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, that also is relevant as the current understanding of the universe through science agrees with the notion that this is true. Whichever way you consider it to be, one cannot escape the sense of empowerment and ultimate responsibility for ones own choices on a moment to moment basis as they relate to the ultimate fate of the whole.

For me, it is this understanding that has called me to become a conscious voice of information and empowerment. If one is responsible for what one does with what one knows then this is what I must do. The person that I am, that I have becomes over the course of the last thirty five years in the light of this new understanding must act to awaken others to this. Beyond religion, beyond materialism and profit and acquisition lies an ultimate oneness with all things. That each part of the whole must work towards the highest good of all in order that the highest good might be realized.

Over and over I am encountering people who say that “this will never happen”, or “it’s impossible” or”this is not the nature of humanity”. To them I say that what you say will be true if anyone or groups of someones continue to think in that way. That each person who thinks it is impossible, makes it impossible by the very nature and intention of their thinking.

And so I call upon all people to challenge that thinking, because it seems to me that the highest good in the universe is love. That in order for all of it to coexist and continue to evolve in balance and substance, there must be an ultimate balance of love, compassion and desire for continued existence.

Its been quite jarring to have my worldview rearranged, but it is as though I see it all now. All of the events that have been taking place in the world, including but by no means limited to militarization of police, violent extremeism, political polarization, continued drive towards riskier fossil fuel extraction procedures, racism, …. I could go on… have left me with more questions than answers over the last number of years. In reading Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything – Capitalism vs The Climate” it is like everything just feel into place. All the things I have studied over the years and all the experiences I have had agree with her argument that she makes so well in her book. It took everything I know and arranged it in a way that it all suddenly made sense. I know what is happening and I know what I need to do about it.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can spread the word and build the understanding of personal responsibility and the necessity of popular collective action towards the real solutions to our current crisis.

The answers will not come from above, We want them to because no one wants to be disturbed. No one wants their selfish, small minded path to be derailed, even if it is for the greater good. The reality is that our system is not set up to provide those sorts of solutions. The priorities and practices that capitalism has enshrined work in diametric opposition to real global change towards the ideological unification of the human race into one cohesive species, rather than a mass of people subdivided into battling ideologies and nationalities who are working towards common destruction based on small minded ideological, political, nationalist and necessarily financial gains. The goals are wrong headed and will only drive us further towards our own destruction.

And the only things citizens must do to ensure this is to continue living their lives in the manner to which they have become accustommed. It is what I am beginning to refer to as complacent complicity which is compounded by willful, and indeed righteous, ignornace.

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