Rediscovering Ruth

Ruthless – Having or showing no compassion or pity for the suffering of others.

Ruthful – The quality of being full of compassion.

In the common parlance “ruthless” is easily found. I am sure there is not one of us who is unfamiliar with its meaning.  The word is applied often in relation to politics, business, and a multitude of manners of combat.  

I am sure I am not alone in feeling that the world could use less ruthlessness.  

There is an opposing term that fell out of popular use in the late 17th century. Ruthful, which means full of compassion.  It is interesting to me that in a time when we are at war with our planet, our fellow humans, and indeed our own minds which of these opposing terms is more commonly used in the popular lexicon.  

It seems to me that we could use a Ruthful Revolution. 

** Photo credit to The spelling and grammar errors make me twitch a bit but otherwise it fits nicely 🙂 

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