What has been your biggest battle? 


(Image credit to yogaposeweekly.com) 

We have all fought battles, faced down the demons.  All of us have had the experience of coming up against something bigger and more powerful than we are, and wanting to bow down to the superior power, crumble, or run away.  In my last post I shared with you one of my past opponents, Post Partum Depression. Truthfully, straight up depression has been a companion of mine for years.  I call it “The Bad Ex Boyfriend”.  You know the one, the one who always comes back knocking on the door, when I am at my most vulnerable.  I am honestly not scared of him anymore.  I KNOW I don’t want him back, and no matter how convincing his argument, I know how to gently and lovingly send him on his way.  

My post today is a question for you.  What has been your biggest battle?  Is it one that comes back again and again?  How do you deal?  What have you learned? 

We are all warriors, even if we feel like victims.  Share your scars and draw strength and inspiration from one another.  Battles are always easier (and more fun!) when they are not fought alone. 

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