What Can We Learn About Our Own Nature From Nature?


A beautiful thunder storm accompanies me outside my window today.  Spring is arriving, the balance is shifting, and the weather has schizophrenia. Rain one day, sun the next, and snow the following.  

I am grateful that I have learned to honour the seasons in my body.  I can see now how winter reflects itself in me as lethargy, a slowing of my rhythms and a dampening of my creative fire. Spring arrives and with her comes fresh ideas, the cracking of seeds and new growth.  Fresh inspiration, a breathing in of spirit and mind.  

The rain falls outside my window, the clouds have covered the sun.  Rain nourishes the earth and a cool breeze blows.  The seeds are getting what they need to grow.  Life seems to work the exact same way.  Without the rain in our lives, the suffering and the pain, the struggle and the hardship we could not grow, we would not have the nourishment we needed to become more than we are. In this world of instant gratification and hero worship we have forgotten that perfection does not exist and that becoming takes time.  

Perhaps it is a lesson of age and maturity to realize that we cannot have everything we want RIGHT NOW. We will get only what we need. This is how nature works.  One wiser than me said that for a seed to grow into a flower it takes total destruction of what the seed is.  To one who does not know what is coming, it looks like utter destruction.  Without this utter undoing, the flower, or the fruit, or the tree could not be. That seed gets all the conditions it needs in order that it might realize its highest potential, the manifestation of that which dwells within it.  

We are the same.  It is our resistance and clinging that leads us to reject what nature sends our way because we have somehow convinced ourselves that we are other than nature, separate from her and somehow exempt from her rhythms and laws.  This is a fallacy that is quickly leading us to our utter destruction.  Perhaps this is what we need in order to manifest our highest potential as a species, utter undoing.  The fear in me says that there are still far too many asleep, and resisting their own inner truths.  Fact is, growth is painful.  Ask the caterpillar who has emerged from its cocoon with blood on its fresh new wings if that becoming was pleasant.  Though that caterpillar cannot speak in the language I do, the evidence is clear. Beauty and becoming come only at a cost.  It is only when we open our eyes and our hearts to realize our part in nature that we can begin to see this.   The balance of life does not take sides, and it does not bend to the whims of single beings, especially when they are disconnected from her vitality and flow.  She protects the balance, gives what is needed for growth, and turns only in seasons.  In observing our nature, and cultivating our inner soil we create the fertility that is needed to manifest abundance in the gardens of our lives. 

The truth is so simple.  All we have to do is open our eyes to what is around us, and we will begin to understand that which is also within us.  

We can begin to understand our own nature when we deepen our awareness of nature. 

The world is growing.  Open your eyes and see. 

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