Smudge Metaphysical Boutique 

On a prominent corner of Wyandotte has just opened a new metaphysical store; Smudge.  Always one to seek out the new and different, I visited there with my mom today on their opening day.

What a lovely space!

Elegant, old world architecture sets the tone for the wide range of metaphysical minutiae housed within.

Pendants, crystals, pendulums, incense, loose teas, candles and more grace the shelves.  I geeked out on oracle cards, tarot, and crystals of all kinds.  Yes, I was there for a while! It was so simple to lose myself in exploring all the lovely items sold there.  So many books on a wide range of topics, aromatherapy, essential oils… and still more to come.  Many shelves were still evolving as their placards proclaimed :). I will certainly be heading back there to check out the evolution 🙂

Michelle & Paige offered warm, welcoming smiles and knowledgable support as we browsed and took our time exploring her wares.

In Michelle’s own words, Smudge provides the tools for you to find your own best self.  As an experienced practitioner in the metaphysical, she supports the new and wizened alike.

I definitely invite all of you to head on over to 1506 Wyandotte St. East to visit this lovely wee space.

Check her out online at


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