Invisible Forces – We Do Not Argue About The Wind. 


Like the wind, energy and spirit is something that we cannot see.  Consider that as the wind blows, how do you know it is blowing? Can you see the wind? If you cannot see it, how do you know it is blowing? I feel it against my cheek, you say.  My hair is getting messed up! I have to contend with its might as I attempt to keep my car in the designated lane. The leaves are blowing up into flurries, and the branches of the trees are bending to its will.  I can hear its whisper, or its roar.  If you live somewhere populous, as I do, you will see the litter being blown about the ground from the place where it was carelessly tossed and forgotten.  

What we can see is not the wind itself.  We see the manifestations of the force.  We see and feel how it moves the world.  We can even hear it.  The wind itself though? This we cannot see.  

Spirit, or consciousness, or even the Tao if this resonates, is like the wind.  

We cannot see it directly, describe it or touch it.  This is impossible.  We can, however, notice it’s manifestations in our lives and in the world. We feel our sadness when we are depressed and our elation when we are joyous in our bodies.  I experience this as heaviness or lightness, lethargy or energy.  These sensations will continue to have domino effects in my life.  Lethargy leads to inaction, and inaction leads directly to stuckness.  Elated energy leads to laughter which leads to enjoyment and celebration, often achievement and action of some sort.  All of these experiences arise from our spirit.  We cannot point to spirit, cannot touch it or experience it directly.  It defies description and definition, but we can see its manifestations in our lives. 

Yet, even as this is obvious, denial of the existence of spirit and argument about its origin are rampant in the world of form.  Do we argue about the wind? Where it came from, or how it came to be? Do we tussle with one another about whether or not it exists? No.  We simply notice its manifestations and agree that it is indeed windy.  

When the air is still, we do not call it wind.  It is still crucial to our existence even when we cannot see it blowing the our hair about.  Without air, just as without spirit, all of humanity, indeed all life would cease to be.  

And yet this crucial element, this keystone of existence is insubstantial and cannot be pointed to.  Only it’s manifestations.  

I submit this to you all as something to consider today, and leave you with a quote from an author that I have long loved.  A classic story, written originally in French, Le Petit Prince is a book for the ages, with wisdom to be contemplated by both fools and sages alike. 


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