Help me find the Mother who wrote that “Demanding” Birthday Invite that has gone viral

I am asking anyone who reads this blog to please share this post so that I can connect with this mother.

It is my perception that the overwhelming tone available on the interwebs these last few days in regards to this story is both judgemental and unbalanced. In the spirit of balancing out the coverage and inviting unity in the commUNITY of mothers I am seeking to speak to her. I feel this whole thing has been taken out of context and used as a tool to boost traffic and get a piece of the viral action.

How can we be a community of mothers who are empowered to stand in our truth and create an abundant future for ourselves, our children, and all of humanity if we alienate, judge and nurture divisive thinking based on a single action taken completely out of context?

Please share this post so that I may find her, hear her side of the story and provide balance to what I see as a greatly unbalanced story.

Thank you!!!!!


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