Introducing the Mother’s Mala Soiree @ P.R.A.Y. Lifestyle & Fitness Boutique


This Wednesday May 6 from 6 – 9 pm in Walkerville, a unique event is going to unfold.

Tiny Devotions from London Ontario will be presenting their unique, handcrafted mala line at P.R.A.Y. Lifestyle and Fitness Boutique.

pray logo

Curious if this event is for you? Thinking of attending but you’re not quite convinced that it’s worth carving time out of your busy schedule?

I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Emily Innis of P.R.A.Y. and learn about the intention and vision that brought this event into being. Let me share that with you. I hope you will resonate with the message and create the time to attend this inspiring event.

Says Emily “We wear malas as a reminder of our intention. That little something that is always with you, you notice, you touch it, you feel it. It becomes a part of you that you need to remember, that you often forget. “. It’s a simple thing that reminds us that we are beautiful and empowered, which is something that we often forget as women. To nurture this need in the Windsor Community, P.R.A.Y. has invited Tiny Devotions to showcase their pieces this Wednesday.

Emily says Tiny Devotions is a lovely company. Their mala’s are gorgeous, you can feel the energy coming off of them. People are drawn to whichever one they need in their life. You might find that in different ways whether that be through colour, energy, or just knowing that this one will look perfect on you. This is the universe’ way of directing you to what you need

rainbow mala

The artists strive to put meaning behind every piece that they create. The materials that are chosen resonate with the purpose for the mala, crystals selected for their metaphysical qualities, bead arrangement to resonate with the intention the artist is setting for the piece.

So here’s the question – Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Pulled in ten thousand different directions underpinned by your own desire to be of service to those around you? Are you searching for deeper meaning, feeling that you are missing something crucial in your own life’s journey?

So many of us wait for someone else to empower us, searching, begging, crying for change but not knowing how to create that change for ourselves. Connecting with a Tiny Devotions Mala is a beautiful way to take meaningful steps in that direction. We have forgotten that change and empowerment must begin with ourselves, that sustainable growth starts with the intentions that we carry within our hearts.

tiny devotions rumi

If this resonates with you, if you see yourself here, have nodded through this entry and felt in your heart that I am talking about you, make the time to come to this event.

When you arrive, not only will you have the opportunity to connect with a mala that will spark the growth you are seeking, you will also be treated to a grounding meditation by Windsor’s very own Heather Chauvin, kirtan style music from Nancy Drew, and gluten free, vegan friendly nibbles from Thyme To Go.

This event promises to provide an opportunity to connect with the holistic community of Windsor women, and nourishment for your soul.

Be a part of the becoming that is happening in Windsor right now. Lending your presence and your heart, you lend strength to the growth that this city so desperately needs.

Emily, Natalie and I hope to see you there : )

Tiny Devotions logo mini


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