Let Go & Let Shakti Flow


It doesn’t matter what you call it. Some call it Shakti. Some call it divine providence, the implicate order, the Tao. It’s universal life force energy, the source from which all arises. When you are connected to this energy, this limitless source, you are yourself limitless. When you open up and allow universal energy to flow through your life, all your goals and visions will become manifest. You will release all that does not serve you because you will have the vision to see that it no longer does, and you will align yourself with all that serves your highest good. You will become fearless, ecstatic.

Stop. Breathe. Remember who you really are. You are the universe experiencing itself through human senses. You are limitless, without beginning and without end. You are without boundary or failure. What we perceive as failures are simply the universe trying to remind you who you really are. Failures are steps along the path to truly becoming your highest self.

universal infinity

Let go, release your fear, and allow source to flow through you and what you will accomplish will be beyond your wildest dreams.

Some have said that releasing control over our lives is akin to not taking responsibility for ourselves. I believe that it is otherwise. When we release ego, we let go of the notion that our limited human mind has the best ideas and plans for our future. We cannot conceive of the complexity of the tapestry of life, where all is connected and all resonates with all. When we are limited to our own experience and perceptions of the world, we limit our own potential. Being truly present in the moment and making choices that resonate with our highest good right now, we make the space for the universe to present us with opportunities that we would never on our own consider.

Remember that you alone are small. The universe is far bigger and more complex than you could ever conceive. Attend to what is in front of you, and leave the rest to the universe.

You will blossom. It will not look like you expect. I promise it will blow your mind.



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