What are we willing to risk for BIG CHANGE? 

Throughout the course of the last two centuries there have been many struggles to bring change about in the world. Two notable instances that have been addressed by Hollywood recently are the struggle for Black People to secure voting rights, and the struggle for women to secure the same. What I find most heart wrenching about both stories is the suffering, and the violence that had to happen in order for the change they sought to truly take root. Mothers were taken from their children, families were torn apart, and people died. People who believed deeply in their hearts that this change needed to happen staked their lives, and many lost them in the struggle to bring change.

I am calling for change in the world. Am I really willing to stake my own life on that?

When I went to watch “Selma”, I was left questioning why these films would surface at this time in the world. Are they an incitement? A warning? Are they meant to inspire those brave enough to fight for change to set their boots upon the ground? 

 My heart says that they are both. As with all things in life it is a double edged sword to create a film about struggle and revolution at a time like this in history. If the purpose is to give a stern warning to those seeking change that they will have to risk their lives before this is over, and to please just give up the fight, this will have also the opposite effect. Like happened with me, people will be forced to ask the question, am I really willing to go as far as I will have to go? 

The stakes, ladies and gentlemen, could truly be that high. We all know that the current order will not go easily or quietly. There will be struggle, there already is. People have already lost their lives. Shit will get real. In point of fact, for many it already has.

This morning I watched the trailer for “Suffragette”, another film telling the story of an epic struggle. Women won the vote, but at great cost. War had to be declared. In the words of one of the characters “We throw rocks, we break things because war is the only language that men understand.”. 

To evolve past the patriarchy, we need revolution. It can happen peacefully, but I am not sure that it will, and to tell you all the truth, I am not sure what I am willing to put on the line to create it. My words, my reputation? Absolutely. My family? My life? This I am not so sure about, perhaps because that time hasn’t come for me.

Creating change, birthing a new world is much like birthing a child. It will get a hell of a lot more painful before that beautiful new child is in your arms. When they are though, you will forget all about the pain, and lose yourself in the majesty of your labours. 

I think we all will need to be very, very brave

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  1. There are so many injustices in this world. We, in the “civilized” world, keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting differend results (ie. War). When will we realize that it’s not working. All these injustices would all go away if we only learn to exercise love, care, compasion and concern for each other. There is always hope for the future.

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