The Drama Roller Coaster


We are all familiar with drama.  Our kids are often big sources of it in our lives.  If it’s not the kids at school, then it’s the food that you chose to cook for dinner tonight.  My sister stole my toy, the TV isn’t working, I can’t find my blue shirt and I needed to be out the door ten minutes ago…. you get the picture.

Have you ever noticed the tone of the drama in your life?  Most of the time what we call drama has a negative tone.  We associate anger, frustration, sadness, or annoyance with it and are pleasantly elated when we appear to be drama free.  Good thing too, because drama is draining.

I wonder, however, if you have ever considered that we create positive drama too.  The elation of a new toy, a new opportunity,, something incredible developing in our lives.  These things can also be filed under the heading of drama.

Drama itself is a neutral category.  It simply describes anything that brings us away from the steady midline of our being.  If we fly up into enthusiastic excitement or we descend into anger, grief or despair, we are departing from the steady quality of our lives.  And steadiness is something that we all want.

I am by no means saying that we ought not get excited about good things in our lives.  I am also not saying that grief and anger should not be felt.  What I am saying is that when we cultivate the steadiness in our lives, it can be present always, through the amazing and the awful.  It is this constant steadiness that will always bring us back to centre.

Life is reactive, energetically speaking.  Energy always finds its balance.  So when we fall down deep into despair,  at some point we will shoot up into elation.  And when we shoot up into elation, despair will follow soon behind it.  It is when it consumes us that we allow it to create an emotional roller coaster ride of a life path.

Steadiness is key.  And it is so easy to develop.  Literally, all you need to do is relax.

In parenting, when we get caught up with drama, this is when things get intense  You want to pull your hair out, you yell at the kids, and generally do things that you aren’t proud of upon reflection.  No guilt, it happens to all of us, but…..imagine what your life would be like if you could cultivate some steadiness that you could tap into at times like that. Imagine the person you might evolve into.  The possibilities are endless for what you might create.

To learn more about relaxation for healing visit and check out the work of Sarah McCrum

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