Paradigm Shift Parenting

Parenting to change the world

By a show of hands, who wants to change the world?

Just as I suspected.

Most of us see the brokenness in the world and feel a deep desire to change it.

So many of us feel, however, that we are too small.  How can the actions of one single person have any meaningful effect on such a huge, complex world?

And so generally we don’t even try.

What if I told you that as a parent you are standing in the single most powerful place for creating change possible?

Bet you wouldn’t believe me.

The truth is however that this is the case.  I am absolutely serious.  How can this be?

Each person in the world, every leader, war monger, bigoted television personality and powerful change agent had a home, parents, and a childhood.  From that childhood they took the blueprint for the person they were to become and the impact they were to have upon the world.

Parents love their kids.  Even the bad ones.  This is a universal truth.  The fact is, though, that many of them (us) don’t have the tools or awareness that we need to use our power to intentionally create the future that we so deeply crave for humanity.

This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for us to find it.  Even if we were not programmed with it in our own childhoods.  We have the choice, in every moment, to dramatically shift our perspective and activate our latent intentional creative potential.

This shift involves deepening our awareness of ourselves, and exploring our own inner world.  It means taking an inventory of our baggage and jettisoning the stuff that we carry that does not serve us.  We must look to our children, who somehow know exactly what buttons to push to activate the most powerfully transformative situations that bring to the fore what we carry, the wounds we haven’t healed and the shadows that we have shoved under the carpet and out of sight.

When we do this, show up with immense courage and incredible presence, we grow.  We allow our children to be the whole, complete, authentic and powerful beings that they are and access the power that we both have together to change ourselves, shift the trajectory of our lives and powerfully change the world.

The journey begins with love, evolves through dissatisfaction and culminates with powerful transformation of ourselves, our lives, our homes, our communities and the future of all of humanity.

Are you brave enough to step up, show up and do the work?

For the love of your children, and yourself, I invite you to join me on this journey.

In the comments below, I invite you to join the conversation, step up and join the paradigm shift.  You are worth it.  The future of humanity needs you.

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