#25daysofmindfulnesschallenge day 22

We are all mamas here.

So I am gonna get really real with you guys.

Things with my son have been HARD.  He has had some changes in his life that are VERY VERY CHALLENGING for him.  He is having BIG feelings, and is lashing out with anger, sadness, and feeling like a victim.

As his mom, I have choices.  I can disconnect and discipline him for the admittedly horrible things he is saying and doing.  Or, I can recognize that what he is going through is really hard for him, and I can reach out, connect and let him know that I am there for him NO MATTER WHAT.

It’s not easy.  It requires me to be incredibly present to him, his feelings and all the ugliness this is bringing up for him.  This hurts.  It makes me want to shut down and run away in a lot of ways.  Yet, I know this will not serve him and it will only make matters worse.  So, I am choosing to see past the horrible, into his heart, and reach out, lean in and love.

As we move into the crunch of the holidays, this will be a moment by moment practice.  I can do this.  Every time I want to shut down, I commit to opening up and leaning in.  For him.  For me.  For us all.


xo mamas ❤


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