#25daysofmindfulnesschallenge day 23

Everything is energy.

You are made, at your deepest levels, from a field of infinite potential.  Everything is.  With intention, we can direct our energy and choose what we connect with.

When we feel unstable, ungrounded, and kind of lost, it is an incredible practice to send our energy down into the earth and connect with her power.

The planet is ancient.  She has survived many catastrophes, and continues to spin placidly about her orbit, and support every molecule of life she has spawned.  Connecting with her energy stabilizes us.

Breathe deeply and send your energy down in the earth.  Gather her strength and allow it to flow up into you.  Send all your heaviness, your fear, anger, sadness down into her.  She will absorb it and transmute it.

She’s got this.  You’ve got this.


xo ❤


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