A Little Bit on Meditation.


One of the purposes of meditation is to train our minds to be present to what is. We do this by continuously returning our attention to the breath, as we realize that we are identified with thought.

Identification with our thoughts is a big part why we suffer. Our thoughts can never be focussed on the now. They are always concerned with either the past, or the future. Neither of these is where our power lies. When we drop deeply and profoundly into the now, we access our true power. The past is gone, and as such it is just something imagined in our minds, a story. The future has not yet arrived. In fact, if you really think about it, it never really does, and as such is yet another imagining, a story. The only thing we ever truly have is the now.

Consider it like this.

You’re child isn’t eating, again. You become stressed and upset because of the past that has led you here, and the accumulated pain, stress and guilt of those experiences. You are also mentally weaving a story about how this will never end, and your darling child will starve themselves to death and it will all be your fault. You become angry, and pressure your child to eat, perhaps raise your voice and an argument ensues. Where did the argument come from? Your little one? No, they are only responding to the cues from their body. They generally have very little sense of past and future. It came from the stories in your mind.

Now, don’t go getting all guilty on me. I have gone through this very thing myself. Often. My son is not a great eater.

The story is to illustrate the point that presence is key. It is where our power lies, and our stories are often where our pain, stress and suffering arise from.


Just for today, be present to what arises. You can see your thinking now, so be present even to the emotions that arise in you. Even be present to your reactions. You will be surprised at what you see. And it is in seeing it that we have the power to create great shifts in our lives.

Namaste mamas 🙂

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