On Anxiety


So many of us are deeply familiar with anxiety.  That feeling in your belly of butterflies, and fire.  That fogginess in your head. The tingles in your skin.  The flutters in your heart and the racing in your mind.

And the not wanting to be feeling it, and willing yourself to feel something, anything, else.

Here’s the thing though.  You cannot expect yourself to be anywhere that you are not.  And expecting yourself to feel something that you are not is a sure recipe for shut down.

If you imagine that anxiety is simply new energy moving through you, when you expect yourself to feel something that you are not feeling, you shut down.  And that new energy gets stuck.  It can’t move through.  Thus sticking you with exactly what you don’t want to be feeling.

Cultivating a practice of relaxation helps to develop the ability to open up, and remain open around challenging or uncomfortable energy.  Visit the “Relaxation” tab on the menu to find recordings that will help you develop this habit.

xo friends 🙂 Chat soon.

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