My Relaxation Habit.


When I work with clients, my number one healing recommendation is learning how to relax and cultivating a daily practice of energy relaxation.

Not blobbing in front of the TV, not drinking a glass of wine.  Relaxing.  It is honestly the practice of doing NOTHING.  Modern mom’s have a hard time with that.  I am willing to bet your immediate thought is “But what about this! And that! I can’t possibly do NOTHING for any length of time! I don’t have TIME!”.  And I am willing to bet underneath that is this ache to do just that.  Nothing.  Maybe even forever.

It’s not a habit modern adults are adept at, but it is entirely foundational to combatting stress, and consequently stress related illness.

My teacher has just launched a 30 Day Challenge to help you learn how to do just that; NOTHING.

In this challenge package is everything you need to start the process of cultivating a daily Energy Relaxation practice that will activate your body’s innate healing capacity, reduce stress and improve your overall quality of life.

I speak from experience.  This is a habit I have developed in my life and the benefits are incredible.

As a parent I have more patience, compassion and stamina to deal with all the challenges life throws at me.  I have more energy for my kids, my work, and my play.  I feel expanded inside, calm and stable.  This practice has helped me heal anxiety, grow my business and be open to inspiration on a day to day basis.

Hop over here to learn more and to join the challenge.

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