Tame Your Triggers

We have all been triggered.

I can bet that you know that feeling where you were rational one minute, then something happens and all of a sudden you are in full on screaming, swearing, lose-your-mind rampaging bear mode.

You’ve lost it.

And then ten minutes later you feel awful and guilty because you’ve said things you don’t mean, your child is crying and you are spent.


I have found a simple process that will help you diffuse a trigger once it’s activated.

Have a look.

Five Steps to Moving Through a Trigger

Right click on this image and save it to your laptop, or tap and hold on your mobile to save it to your pictures.

Actionning these five simple steps will take the wind out of a trigger and prevent the damage a meltdown can do.

Because here’s the thing.  How are we going to teach our children how to NOT melt down and handle their big scary emotions if we don’t know how to do so ourselves?

Healing is possible.  Peace is possible. Let me help you find it.

xo mamas


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