Six Ways To Survive The Deep Freeze of 2018


I don’t know about you, but this winter has me all cooped up in my house for fear of frostbite on my face.

Cabin fever looms, tempers fray, and we all long for spring to chase the frost away.

You don’t have to go batty, there are ways to survive without declaring all out war on your family, and moving to Hawaii.

1.) Solar Charge – When the sun does come out, bundle up and head outside for at least 15 minutes to absorb it’s precious rays. The sun encourages our bodies to produce vitamin D. When our bodies get enough vitamin D, we feel happier, more energetic, and we function more efficiently. If it’s too cold out, find a window and park yourself beside it for at least 15 minutes. It’s not the same as getting the rays directly, but it still helps.

2.) Supplement your Solar Charge – When the sun has disappeared for days or weeks on end, and you aren’t even sure anymore what it looks like, add a vitamin D supplement to your morning routine. While not as effective as the real thing, a vitamin D supplement is a good stand in when the sun has taken a winter hike.

3.) Get cozy with heated pockets – Head out to your local Costco, and purchase a box of these lovelies for when you have to head outside to keep your hands and feet toasty. Just peel open the foil package, shake ‘em up and slide them into your boots, your mitts or your coat pockets for hours of warmth.

4.) Hello Hot Water Bottles – Running the furnace can be killer on the budget, but sliding into a cold bed is no ones favourite nighttime routine. Go old fashioned and slide a hot water bottle between your sheets an hour or so before you go to bed, and it will be warm and toasty when you arrive, without turning up the thermostat.

5.) Love Those Layers – From boots with boot socks on top of leggings that are hiding thermals, to sweaters, turtlenecks, scarves, tank tops and other layers, winter is the perfect time to get your layer game on. It saves money on heat, and this keeps pennies in your pocketbook. Toss on a hat, steep a tea, and get cozy.

6.) Spice it Up! – Did you know that Cayenne pepper can help keep you warm? It is actually hot to the touch in powder form, and watch out with the real thing. You can burn yourself on the juice or the seeds.  Sprinkle a small amount into your boots to help warm cold feet, or ingest by adding a sprinkle to your tea, coffee or raw juice. It’s great for your heath, and can help keep you warm.

Here’s to surviving the next four months in cozy, cuddled bliss ❤ Happy Winter!

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