Show Up or Shut Up

– An Invitation Into The Arena – 

There comes a certain point in our lives when we have to stop talking about what we want to do, and do it. This is the difference between those who succeed and those whose lives never seem to change.

People who are all talk and no action tend to walk the same circle over and over again in their lives, afraid and unwilling to make that one monumental change that will bring them closer to what they profess to believe.

There are dreamers and there are doers. Doers can dream, but the key to success is being a dreamer who is also a doer.


This is what Theodore Roosevelt meant when he said that “The credit belongs to the person in the arena.” And that “It’s not the critic who matters.” If you are a professional spectator, you can have all the opinions and ideals you want, but they won’t matter to the people out there doing the work and getting their asses kicked unless you join them in the arena.

This is where writers need to write. If they are not writing, or publishing, then they are not really writers. It is the difference between ideal and action, the distance from dream to daily practice. You need only to start, and continue taking action, one tiny baby step at time, until you have achieved your goal, or failed trying.

I will never look down upon a person who has failed, unless they have failed to try. If you are showing up and getting your ass kicked, I am in your corner. If you are all criticism from the stands, expect that what you say will not matter to me, and I won’t shift even an inch to meet your expectations. Come get your ass kicked with me and then we will see, but until then, shut up.

This may sound harsh, and it is certainly firm, but it is not in the least bit hateful. What it is, is an invitation to the party. An outstretched hand to join me where the good stuff is. A promise of support and camaraderie when you step into the arena, past your fear and your doubt and you engage with the business of turning your dreams and ideals into goals and action.

Make no mistake, I want you to join me. You are not my competition, or my enemy. There is space in the arena for everyone. And maybe if everyone where to show up for their particular battle, we might not all need to shout so loudly and spend so much time being offended and angry.

I am waiting for you, but I won’t wait forever.

Maybe you aren’t ready, maybe you never will be. That is your path. Don’t expect me to baby you, or coddle you if you choose not to show up. I am a warrior. I mean business. My love is fierce and filled with action and encouragement, meant to fuel you to become your best self. If you are not ready, then I can’t help you.

Another lifetime perhaps.

I’ll see you then.

2 thoughts on “Show Up or Shut Up

Add yours

    1. Thank you for pointing that out! I will make the change.
      As far as fierceness without compassion goes, I was in a challenging type of mood when I wrote this. I do have a great deal of compassion for people who are stuck, or afraid or lost. I have been there oneself and I know how hard it can be. I also know that what worked for me was a no holds barred kick in the ass. That was the aim for this piece.
      Thank you for showing up and reading 🙂

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