Dare to be Disruptive


Giving a fuck about things that matter is revolutionary.

Start here.

What do you give a fuck about?

We only have so many fucks that we can give in our lifetime, and so you must spend them wisely. If you give too many fucks about shit that doesn’t matter, you get burned out. When you save your fucks for things that really matter, that is when you have the courage to change the world. (To learn more about this amazing idea, read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson. Click here to listen to it on Audible. Tell them I sent you.)

Where does the world need disruption? We surely don’t need more disruption in our natural spaces, our forests and jungles and oceans. We do need to disrupt banking, and consumerism and politics. To do this, we need to disrupt education and parenting. Bottom up disruption is the most powerful. It takes the longest to build, but when it takes root, it will change the world.

Dare to give a fuck about something, and dare to speak up about it with your creativity.

And then dare to speak up some more.

This is how we change the world.

Disruptive Creativity Innovates

It is risky.

Shame breeds fear.

Fear kills tolerance for vulnerability, our ability to tolerate risk and uncertainty of outcome.

How do we shift the tide of society away from scarcity and lack and towards abundance? One person at a time.

I teach courageous writing.

One person at a time.

Writing that is:





Cutting Edge

Refuse to accept the status quo

The world doesn’t need more people playing it safe with their gifts.

The world needs people who speak up, speak out, take risks and make waves.

You can’t do that if you are too afraid to put words on a page.

I can help you shift away from fear, uncertainty and writers block, and towards abundant creativity, and courageous content.

The world needs your ideas.

Your ideas need you.

You need me.

Let’s do this.

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