Change Your Story, Change Your Life.

What if I told you that the reason you are miserable and stuck is because of the story you are telling yourself?

And what if I told you changing your life was as simple as changing the story you’re telling?

Try this.

Think about your house. List ten things about your house that drive you bonkers, and I mean seriously irritate you.

Done? Good.
Feel good and grouchy? Perfect.

Now, think about your same house and name 10 things you love about it.

Got ‘em?
Perfect. Feeling good and happy? Excellent.

Same house. Different story.

You’re life is the same.

You see, your mind processes over 400 billion bits of information per second, but we can only be consciously aware of about 2000 of those. What determines what we pay attention to is the quality of our beliefs, or in other words, the kind of story we are telling ourselves.

Beliefs are like lenses. They change what you look at and they are designed to be invisible.

When you tell yourself the story that the world is out to get you and things never go right in your life, that is what you will see. When you tell a story to yourself in which you play the role of the victim, your mind will focus on all the little pieces of evidence that support that. Bad luck? Same. You’re are always broke? Same. Bad with money? Never win? Nothing good ever happens to you? Same same same.

If you are determined to be miserable, your brain will find all the evidence it can that supports your misery.

Except I am willing to bet you don’t want to be miserable. You have simply created a habit of being miserable and change is hard, right?

(Change is not hard, but that’s another blog post for another time 🤓).

Changing your life is as simple as changing your beliefs, or the story you are telling yourself about you and your life.

Why am I telling you this?

The world does not need another miserable person. Miserable people do not inspire. They do not innovate, and they certainly do not galvanize change.

The world needs innovators, creators and leaders who will galvanize sustainable change in every field across the planet. It needs parents who are brave enough to be leaders in their children’s lives, teachers who inspire and biz owners who innovate and invigorate entrepreneurship with their new and fresh ideas.

So write a hero story with yourself as the hero and let’s get about the business of changing the world.


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