The Truth Is…..


We cannot create message without a little mess.

Your passion will piss people off. In fact, you will WANT your passion to piss people off. There is a saying – the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. If you are pissing people off, that means you have gotten their attention. Underneath anger is fear. It’s ok to piss people off, in fact, I encourage you to embrace it. You cannot wake people up or lift people higher without pissing a few people off. And sometimes, it’s those people that you piss off that need your message the most.

Be afraid to piss people off.

And then do it anyway.

Maybe even with a little bit of glee.

Because what is magic without a little bit of mischief

xo, S.

One thought on “The Truth Is…..

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  1. What is magic without a little bit of mischief…..indeed! What an encouraging post — I find myself fearing what mayhem I may cause with my writing. Thank you!

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