Why TEDx Windsor 2019 is a MUST ATTEND.


TEDx Windsor 2018, the first event of it’s kind in our city, went down last weekend. Here’s why TEDx Windsor 2019 is not to be missed.

At TEDx Windsor 2018 we had the chance to;

  1. Connect with amazing local Thought Leaders

If I didn’t see you at last weekend’s first annual TED x Windsor event, you missed out. Our city has been quietly evolving from the bottom up and this even is just one little sign that we are on our way to becoming a brand new city for a brand new Millennium.

From six time award winning cinematographer Sarorn Sim to renowned cancer researcher Dr. Lisa Porter, podcaster and speaker Heather Chauvin to teachers driving innovation in education Jeni Van Kesteren and Laura Briscoe, among many others, the line up of speakers will blow your mind. You are guaranteed to walk away with new questions, people to follow on social media and an excitement for the future.

  1. Meet your new tribe 

Do you ever find yourself craving to meet new people who are pumped to talk about big ideas rather than the latest gossip? This crowd is for you. Meet people that will enliven your tribe, challenge your thinking and enrich your life. This event attracts thought leaders, big thinkers, and change makers from every layer of the city. Passionate about innovation in education? Connect with the dynamic duo from London, Ontario who are pioneering curriculum blending from Math and Art, creating the program “The Art of Math”. Geeked about the power of gratitude? Hook up with Keka DasGupta and disrupt the world with gratitude.

  1. Connect with people who are into big ideas 

Big ideas, innovation and seismic shifts are going to characterize the world of tomorrow. Meet the people who are hatching those ideas now and get on board with the latest ideas, groups and movements in the city and across the province.

  1. Find new big ideas to groove on.

Disillusioned? Bored? Losing hope? This event is guaranteed to light you up and get you out of your funk. This year we learned about Hugging Fearlessly, Disrupting the World with Gratitude, and Dandelion as a superfood just to name a few. Next year is sure to bring it to the next level.

  1. Learn the stories behind some of your favourite thought leaders

Love a local thought leader and want to know more about them? Recommend them to speak at the 2019 event! An avid follower of a local thought leader? Come hear them speak live and get the chance to chat face to face during the breaks and at the after party.

6.  Two words – Axe Throwing.

Learn how a music theatre student went from west side story to masterminding a chain of Axe Throwing Leagues across the country.

7.   Got Cool Free Stuff

Did I mention the red bag full of cool, free stuff from the sponsors of the event?

8.   Supported Windsor’s Evolution From Blue Collar to Thought Leader. 

Windsor was once a blue collar town, proudly manufacturing the cars that moved the modern world. Then 2008 happened, and that all changed. Be part of the emerging new city as passionate Windsor Lovers work to help us evolve into a green, grateful, sustainable thought leader for the new millennium.

TEDx Windsor 2019 isn’t scheduled yet, so keep your eye out for announcements and calls for volunteers, sponsors and speakers. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this game changing day of Ideas Worth Spreading.

** Brought to you by the tireless efforts of Tina Huynh, Jacques Berge, Megz Kubis and Tracey Pistagnesi, **

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