Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust 


I bought a house this week. If you follow me on instagram, you already know this because, well, I couldn’t shut up about it. The papers are signed and the craziness has settled down, which is allowing me a chance to reflect on the whirlwind that was the last ten days 

The opportunity to buy this house came disguised as our landlords giving us notice that they would be selling and we had until July 20 to make alternate housing arrangements. This was shocking to be sure, as it was quite sudden. 

Past Steph would have freaked out, spent two days crying and then muddled her way through the process of packing and moving fuelled by self righteous rage that this was happening to her AGAIN. It would have been a real victim shit show, and it would have caused tons of damage.

This was not what happened, as you know because you have read the previous two posts on the topic. I hung up the phone, took a deep breath, and asked myself (and the universe)”How is this an amazing opportunity for us?”. 

I didn’t immediately have an answer to that questions, and I was ok with that. In the last few years I have learned that it’s not up to me to have all the answers. It IS up to me to ask the best questions I can, and then be patient and wait for the answer to present itself. 

The last ten days have been a whirlwind that we navigated by taking one step forward at a time, and waiting for the next step to appear. There was no clear path through. It was a one step at a time situation. 

Through the whole process I found the words “Faith and trust” going through my head on loop. 

Because I am a mom, and I have a daughter, those words were followed by “…and Pixie Dust”. I would chuckle when it would chime in and let it pass, but the more times it would show up, the more I realized that it was reminding me of the magic that was taking place right in front of me. 

One step forward, with caution and curiosity, not doubt and fear. Another step forward, and another. Each step appearing after the previous step had been taken successfully, one at a time until we were through. 

What if I had gone in to doubt? What if I had let my fear get the  better of me? What if I had taken a completely different first step because I started with anger instead of curiosity? 

What if? 

Faith that things will work out perfectly, and trust that my high quality question was attracting the best possible answers created magic. That magic drew my family and I, as well as our landlords through this whirlwind to the best possible outcome for all of us. 

Some will say that grown up’s ought not believe in magic. 

To them I say, expect miracles. 

I believe in magic.

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