Write for Impact

In order to really make a difference with your writing, you have to use the right kinds of words.

I know you want to make a difference.

Here are three tips to make that happen.

1.) Avoid Safewords

Safewords are, well, “safe”. They protect you from pissing people off with your writing.

Let me tell you a secret – you WANT to piss people off with your writing. Your goal is impact, and pissing someone off is powerful.

To achieve this, avoid safe words. Commit to your message. Stay away from words like these;

– maybe

– sometimes

– sort of

– kind of

– perhaps

– somehow

– could

– should

These words soften your message and make you seem wimpy and unsure.

2.) Use Strong Words

Strong words are commitment to your message. After all, if you believe in your message, others will too.

There are lots of Strong Words. I will list some to give you an idea of what you’re aiming for, and I know you’ll be able to figure out the rest yourself.

– definitely

– certainly

– can

– want

– action

– commitment

– am

– will

– desire

You get the picture. Active language. When you sound sure, you build the “know – like – trust” of your audience, and build the strength of your platform.

I know you want that!

3.) Tell Stories!

Humans are wired for story. There is no way around this. Storytelling draws in your reader, gives them a window into your life, and makes them feel like they know you. This intimacy builds trust, and trust is incredibly important when you are working to position yourself as an expert.

Think about the people you see on social. Do you trust the ones who post lots of showy, sales-y stuff? Or do you prefer the ones who share their lives and their stories?

Ya, me too.

Go forth with these tips and Write Now my friends, and share with us when you’re done.

We can’t wait to see what you create.

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