Published is Better Than Perfect

Perfection paralysis is a thing. 

So many people that I talk to are waiting until they have enough time, energy, or inspiration before they start their passion project. I have heard this about books people want to write, hobbies people want to cultivate, fitness routines, meditation practice, eating better….. you name it. The list goes on. 

The real truth is IT”S A DELAY TACTIC. 

You mightn’t be conscious that you are delaying taking action but the effect is the same. 

Waiting for “perfection” of any sort before you act fundamentally delays your experience of whatever it is you are not taking action on. 


Let’s say that you want to take up hobby painting. You have the easels, the canvasses, the paints, the paint brushes all gathered and day after day you gaze longingly at them but don’t pick them up. Your story is that your kids are too small, you don’t have time between dishes and work and kids. You promise yourself everyday that you will pick them up when you have time, but that time never seems to arrive. 

Instead of using your energy to create or allocate the time, to find a way to make it happen, you are using your energy to long after your dream. This delays the painting. You are longing instead. 

You WANT to paint, you have all the materials you NEED to paint, but you are not taking the action to do the actual painting. You are waiting for the perfect time. 

The perfect time will never arrive on it’s own, by default. 

It must be created by design. 

This is how it works. This is the only way it works. 

Instead of waiting, take ten minutes today and set up a canvas. Arrange your paints. Prepare your brushes. Then take ten minutes tomorrow and make a quick sketch of what you want to paint.  Then take ten minutes the next day and get started. 

Do you have ten minutes? Everyone has ten minutes. If you are taking ten minutes to read this blog then you have ten minutes. You could be painting. 

Perfection, magically having hours appear one day when you can immerse yourself in your craft may never organically arise. I can almost guarantee that it won’t. Consistent daily action creates the conditions for creativity to arise. 

If you take ten minutes a day, for five days this week, you have found an hour this week to nurture your passion project. That’s an hour more than you found last week. 

I have read that some of the greatest novels were written this way. 

I know that’s how this blog started. 

Ten minutes. 

What are you waiting for? 


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