New Year – Be You

Christmas had ended. 

New Years hasn’t arrived. 

What day is it?

What time is it?

What am I supposed to be wearing?

Am I supposed to be anywhere? 

Maybe I need to eat a vegetable…

There is this magical timeless vortex that happens between the chaos of the holidays, and the reset of the New Year. 

For so many people the holidays are a chaotic, difficult time. Everything that we do all year is tossed up in the air, our routines are tossed out the window, we spend a bunch of money, bring piles of new things into our home, send many other things out, bring people in that aren’t normally there, eat and drink things we don’t normally and generally just toss our whole lives up into the air in order to enter this space of celebration and togetherness. 

It ceases to matter whether it is Monday, Friday or Sunday. All that matters it that it is Christmas. 

And so as that ends, we sit in this space that is strangely at once timeless and eternal. For a long time I was really uncomfortable with this, but this year was different. It seemed to me this year that it serves me really well to throw everything to the wind and see where it lands. What is important? Do I really need to workout four times a week? Does drinking, even a little bit, really make me feel like shit? How does my body respond to this upheaval? 

And then what do I really want for my next years cycle? What can I leave on the ground that no longer serves me? What do I need to pick back up again because it really does add to my life? 

Who did I see this past week that I want to see more of? And who did I see that I want to see less of? What has changed? What has stayed the same? 

And how can this knowledge help me to create a beautiful new year? 

As a writer, I tend to write everyday, but over these past ten days I really haven’t written almost at all. I expected to feel some guilt, but I don’t. The space is serving to give me some perspective on the book I am working on, what I need to add, what might come next, how close am I to really completing it? 

What’s my point? 

Timelessness is valuable. Chaos is important. It allows you to reevaluate, reflect, and reposition. It has helped me get clear on how to move forward into the new year with renewed purpose. 

There is value in space and ease. There is value in a shake up. Was it uncomfortable? Yup, but where does growth happen? 

I think a lot of people resist the chaos, and the timelessness because it feels weird. And I think that they miss out on a big opportunity to grow out of the truth of their discomfort. 

Enjoy the timelessness. Be in it. Inhabit it. Listen deeply. What is echoing in that void that you need to hear? 

That is what you need. Capture it. Unpack it. Turn it into action. 

And create a beautiful new year. 

This isn’t “New Year, New You” bullshit. This is deep inner listening that leads to growth. You are always growing. The question is whether you are intentionally inhabiting your growth, or if you are allowing yourself to be shaped by what others want you to be. 

Be you this new year. Listen to your soul, your heart, body, and then follow the still small voice. 

It knows. 

You know. 

New Year. Be You. 

Love you. 

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