Write what LIGHTS YOU UP

It’s the beginning of a new cycle. 

There will be resolutions made and broken. 

That’s not what this is about. 

What lights you up? 

What sets your soul on fire? 

That is the work you need to do. That is what is calling to you from the ether, the great beyond. 

I have become really comfortable with the fact that change lights me up. Everything to do with change. The fact that we as a planet, as a species need change if we are going to survive the century. I am obsessed with transformation, alternative ways of thinking and doing things, figuring out the dimensions of the box, smashing the box and then designing a new way that works for me to create the life that I feel called to live. 

I am driven by the critical need at this time for leadership. We need leaders. We have some, this is true, but the truth is the kind of change that we need will come from the bottom up – as in, from the individual to the collective. Top down change is tyranny. Bottom up change is freedom. 

I am on fire about the climate (no pun intended). 

I am passionate about obsessive consumerism and it’s contrast in conscious consumerism. 

I am driven by parenting that is outside the box. 

I am crazy about creating a new story. 

I am absolutely obsessed with the fact that all of our old social stories have lost ground, and the knowledge that we are in a space where new ones need to be created. 

I am obsessed with transformation on every level. 

And I am a writer. Writing has always come as easily to me as breathing. And so I want to use my skill to help others, whose skill is NOT writing to get their message out. We need your message. NEED IT. You have your ideas for a reason. 

It’s time to share them. 

So tell me, what sets your soul on fire? 

What wakes you up at night?

What can’t you get enough of?

What ideas create themselves in your head without your intervention? 

I want to know. 

You will be seeing a lot more of me this year. I am ready to raise my voice and get real about my work. 

I am publishing my first book this year, and the second one is already asking to be born. I cannot wait to raise you up, raise your message up and give you the tools to break out of your shell and rock this world. 

There are two choices right now in the world. There is business as usual or there is change. You serve one or the other. There is no fence. If you believe you are fence sitting, then you are serving business as usual. Is that really what you want? I am betting, if you are reading this, that you don’t. 

Be brave. 

Speak up. 

Serve change. 

I am PUMPED to support you. 

Come join our facebook community. Check out the free tools in the menu above for some free tools for high impact contact creation. 

And if you are really ready to bring it to the next level, I have a huge thing coming. A year long private community where I am bringing in tons of experts, teachers, and authors to help you create your message and get it out to the people who need it. 

So we can serve CHANGE. 

We need it desperately. I want to be part of it. I dedicate my work to serving change, and I am inviting you to join me this year. 

We got this ❤

2 thoughts on “Write what LIGHTS YOU UP

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  1. I absolutely love this line, “Top down change is tyranny. Bottom up change is freedom.” I believe change is essential for growth and we won’t improve as a society unless we start breaking down the current systems and recreating the power structure based on equality and diversity. Great blog Stephanie! You lit me up.

    1. Thanks lady!!! For me the breakdown will come through the creation of alternatives. I don’t know anymore if it’s about resistance as much as it’s about building something new and drawing people towards it.

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