How to Start Writing

Dear beloved Writer,

I know it’s hard to find time to write in a busy life. 

There are so many “important” things competing for your attention that the ideas you have in your head seem petty and small and unimportant in comparison. 

I know. I’ve been there. 

The thing is, these ideas won’t leave you alone until you make them real. They will continue to inhabit your mind and whisper to you. Sometimes they might even shout. 

You push them away and shush them like naughty children because you have “more important” things to do, but now being what it is, your ideas are some of the most important things in the world. 

You MUST get started.

So, how to get started?

Here are some simple ideas to get you moving. 

  1. Stop not writing

I am stealing this one directly from the wonderful Anne Lammot. How do you start writing? You stop not writing. It sounds too simple, but simple is good.

   2. Write something shitty. 

Your first writing is not going to be genius. Full stop. That’s ok. Write anyway.

  3.  Keep writing. 

You don’t have to write for 4-6 hours a day like Stephen King. You don’t even have to write for 1. You do, however, have to write something. Start with what feels doable for you. Do 5 minutes sound workable? Good. Start with 5 minutes a day. Or start with an hour once a week. Or 30 minutes once a week. Or WHATEVER FEELS GOOD TO YOU. The point is to write. The duration is not important, as long as you are writing SOMETHING.

  4. Throw out everything but the good stuff. 

There will always be good stuff and bad stuff in your writing. Cut the shit, keep the diamonds, and keep going. 

   5. Share it.

This can be the scariest part. Perfect is not a thing that exists. Do not wait until your writing is perfect before you share it. Published is better than perfect every time. 

I challenge you to start today. 

Come join our facebook writers community here and share your start 🙂 

Have a listen to the podcast that goes along with this post.

What are you writing today? ❤

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