The Confidence to Hit Publish

“Confidence isn’t a switch you turn on and off, it’s a foundation you build.” Humble the Poet

I have so many people asking me “how do you get the confidence to share your work?”

Be it a blog, podcast, social media post, Facebook lives, Instagram story or whatever your medium is, the secret is that YOU DON”T. 

You can’t turn it on and off like a light switch. There is no magic formula. Confidence isn’t what you need. It’s courage. Putting yourself out there kind of scares you, doesn’t it? Yep, me too. If it scares you, then confidence isn’t what you need right now, courage is. 

Courage is defined as the ability to something that scares you. 

It’s not escaping the fear, or turning it off, or magically discovering confidence. It’s courage. You first have to have the proverbial balls to do it, and then over time, as you practice courage, you will gain confidence. Confidence is self-assurance, the knowledge that you are skilled at what you are doing, and that it will have the outcome you want. 

You aren’t going to have that right out of the gate. You just aren’t. There is nothing I can teach you that will help you to access something that you haven’t built yet. It’s like asking to be able to live in a house that you have the blueprints for but haven’t erected yet. You just can’t do it. 

You have to lay the foundation with COURAGE and ACTION. 

Scares the shit out of you? Good. That means you are doing something worth doing, something that will grow you, serve you, and serve others. Let it scare you. 

And do it anyway. 

And when you do, come and share your success in the Write Now Facebook Community. Celebrate the shit out of that. It’s worthy of celebration. It might be ONE POST, but if it scared the crap out of you, and you did it anyway, PARTY! You did it. It was a hard thing and you did it because YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. 

Go. Post. Celebrate. 

Then do it again. And then again. 

THAT is how you get the confidence. 

You do it over and over and over again. 

You let yourself be scared, you write out your truth, and you hit publish. 

End of discussion. 


I believe in you. 



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