Broken Hearted Creativity.

You want to change the world, right?

So do I. 

And the world needs it. You see that or you wouldn’t be here reading this blog. 

The question is, how do we continue to do that when we are getting our asses kicked? 

Imagine (or maybe you don’t have to because you are there right now), you have gotten your ass kicked. Something has happened in your life that has taken you down hard. You feel heavy, pissed off, dark, and paradoxically empty. You don’t imagine that you have a single spark of creativity in you to give in this moment. 

What do you, as a driven change maker, do then? 

Well, first off, realize that you are human. You got your ass kicked. That is evidence point numero uno that you are in the arena. You’re showing up and you are TRYING. That in and of itself it worth celebrating. Feels weird right? That you feeling like garbage is something to celebrate. It is though. If you hadn’t gone into the arena, you wouldn’t be feeling this way. 

You’re brave. You are showing up. 

You are amazing. 

Secondly, writing is a practice. Content creation is a practice. Change happens by degrees, by inches. You don’t have to change the whole world today. Take the pressure off of yourself. You are allowed to feel like garbage because you are human. Expecting yourself to be other than human is a recipe for burnout. Leave that shit at the door. 

Heartbreak is very fertile ground. It is from this place that we grow compassion. Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded, it is a relationship between equals. Those amazing words come from Pema Chodron. And she’s right. If you are working to change the world then compassion is going to be a huge part of your toolbox. And it is right here in your heartbreak that you cultivate it. It is only in knowing our own darkness that we can sit with the darkness of others. Pema, again. What a wise woman, who also got her ass kicked. Or else she wouldn’t be wise. 

Sit down in your heartbreak. Brain dump out into your journal what’s inside of you. Let it out or it will poison you. 

Then come to your work and find the one percent that you can do today in your heartbreak. Action, like I keep saying, is where the magic is. Take a baby step of action in your work, and then take the time to listen to your body. When there is a conflict between the mind and the body, the body ALWAYS wins. What do you need today? Listen deeply, and then give yourself that. You are worthy of care. 

And we cannot care for others or the world without first caring for ourselves. 

You can write for change with a broken heart, but you can’t do it without feeling and feeding your broken heart. 

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