Finding the Energy to Write 

Writing takes energy. 

In fact, writing takes A LOT of energy. 


It honestly doesn’t matter what you’re writing – you could be writing a book, posts for your social media, copy for your business – it really doesn’t matter. When you’re not skilled at writing, and drilling down into your message to find the through-line, it going to take more energy than it could if you were. 

Most people who walk the path of transformational leadership in whatever capacity will be nodding their heads here. It’s not easy. Unless you are also a skilled writer, creating great copy of whatever kind you need is gonna feel hard. 

A mentor of mine calls this an energy leak. You are spending more energy than you maybe need to create the content you need to create for a content-driven marketplace. 

And this is going to leave you with less energy to do the rest of the stuff in your biz, and in your life. 

If you are nodding your head here, I want you to click on the menu at the top of this page, find the tab that says “Create 20 Weeks of Content in 1 Hour” and sign up. 

This is a free workshop with three free organizers that will take you through the system that I have developed to plug this energy leak. 

I created this because writing IS my skillset. I am magically gifted with the ability to see the through-line of a message, tune it to resonate with your audience and help you plug this energy leak. 

Check out the workshop. Use the resources. 

And while you’re at it, book a space on my calendar to chat with me for 30 minutes so I can support you. 

**There is no obligation here. I’m not gonna lie, I do these sessions one on one with clients and they get awesome results. And I do charge for those sessions, but booking this call is not going to obligate you to book an intensive or pay me 🙂 I want to give you a boost to help you get great content out there. The world needs it, and you. **

My calendar is here 

Happy learning 🙂 



Check out the podcast that goes along with this post on Spotify and iTunes 🙂 I always add extra stuff into the podcast so don’t miss out!

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