How to Write the Stuff People want to Hear

How much does it suck to labour over a social media post foreeeeever only to get like four likes, if that? 

Sooooo much. 

You’re in business because you have a genius idea. You do it because you want to help people. Your desire is absolutely genuine and driven by a soul-deep passion. I get it. I am the exact same way. 

So, when you create a blog or a social post, or a newsletter with all your heart and it barely gets noticed, it’s enough to make you want to chuck it in. 

For sure. 

In my experience, there are two things contributing to this

1. Not being super clear about who you’re serving

2. Using language that makes sense to you but might be too advanced for your audience. 

Let’s deal with the first one. Clarity about who you want to serve. 

To create content that will get the attention of the people who need you, you first need to know who those people are. Like, you need to get SUPER DETAILED about their profile. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

Who are they? 



How old? 

Do they have kids? 

Are they university educated? 

What kind of things do they like to buy? 

Where do they like to hang out? 

Do they watch TV?

What kinds of shows do they like?

Do they work?

Where do they work?

Now that you have this basic profile, you can dig a little deeper.

What do they think they need? 

What do they struggle with?

What are they standing at their kitchen counter in the morning, clutching their coffee cup, thinking “If I just had THIS, my life would be so much easier.”?

What are they typing into google?

Once you have dug into this and answered these questions, you can move forward. Now you have their number. 

Now for the second one, using language that makes sense to the people you want to serve. 

This weeks podcast covers this in more detail. Find it on iTunes and Spotify

One of the most common problems I help clients with is tuning their language to the people they want to serve. 

Imma use a metaphor here because metaphors are awesome. 

Check it out. You are a Masters level graduate in Astrophysics, and you are so pumped about the mind-blowing awesomeness of the universe and how it works that you want everyone to know about it. So you go online and you start chattering on about Astrophysics in your masters-level language. Your posts are amazing, information-dense, and utterly perfect to the standards of your academic training. You are talking quarks and black holes and dark matter and generally being a damn genius. 

And not getting a whisper of engagement. 

It’s probably because 99.99% of people reading your posts have maybe a grade 10 level understanding of science, to say nothing of physics, astronomy, or any of the other intense disciplines that are required to actually understand what the fuck you are saying. So they scroll on by. 

It’s not that you don’t know what you’re talking about, or even that they are not interested, they just can’t understand what you are saying because you are talking WAAAAAY above their heads. 

Business tends to be the same. You are a Master in your field. An expert. And when you get jazzed up, so does your language. It intimidates people, makes them feel stupid, or worse, it makes them look at you and think, ”must be nice to be so smart and have the time/energy/money/motivation to get so much schooling. That’s not me.” And they scroll on by. 

They might be your perfect person, and in your awesomeness, you are scaring them off. 

Knowing this, and knowing where they are and what they struggle with, you become able to meet them where they are. The goal is not to shame them for not being there, it’s to give them a map of the path to get there, and help them along the way. 

Meeting your people where they are is the best way to engage them because when they see phrases and language in your posts that echo the thoughts inside their own head, they feel understood, and drawn towards you to find out more. 

And now you have their attention. Which is exactly what you need in order to help them. 


Business, first and foremost, is about relationships. It’s about understanding first, and being understood second. Money is not the goal, it’s a pleasant by-product of service. 

I am always here for you. If you are working through the questions above, and I hope you do, and you want some help, book a spot on my calendar. I would LOVE to take 30 minutes and help you get some clarity about this because it is foundational to creating content for the people who really need you. 

Hit up my calendar here and book a spot. It’s totally free, and I promise I won’t try to sell you anything, cross my heart. 

See you soon ❤


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