Google, Metrics, SEO, Hashtags and Other Technical Jargon that is actually Super Important

As a business owner, Google is your best friend. So are hashtags.


One simple reason – they are how your people find you. 

In the last post, I talked about getting clear on your ideal client. If you did this work, you are beginning to get a sense of how you can tune your content to actually get the attention of the people you want to serve. You do this by using their language. 

It’s how you make them feel like you are inside their head. Which sounds creepy, but is actually exactly what you want. 

Knowing what they are searching for, literally what they are putting into Google, helps you to use that language in all kinds of useful ways to get their attention in a crowded, noisy online environment. 

Let’s say you are a productivity expert. Your jam is helping people to finish projects they haven’t been able to bring to completion, get out of overwhelm and manage the problems that come with upleveling and scaling their biz. 

You know they need to plan, use their time effectively, and let go of perfection and control. You know they need to outsource, delegate and get into some serious online tools that will help them accomplish their goals. 

Problem is, they are probably not planners. They might even be allergic to planning. Knowing this, you can tune your content to them. You might LOVE planning, but they don’t. And that’s important to know. They aren’t searching for planning tips. They are searching for how to stop procrastinating, or finish projects, or manage their time effectively. They want to know how to handle a higher volume of traffic, spend more time with their family and generally not feel overwhelmed by the monster that is a growing business. 

These are your blog titles. These are your hashtags. These are the words you use to attract them because if you know what they are typing into that search bar, you can put those words into your content and make it that much easier for you to find them. Search engines favor sites with language that aligns with what is most often searched for. Not what kind of might looks it might help. 

Language is powerful, yes, even in an online space. I would even say especially in an online space. 

What about hashtags? What are those about? 

Primarily on Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are your bread and butter. I am not as familiar with Twitter, so I am going to focus on Instagram. 

Did you know that you can follow a hashtag on Instagram? You totally can. And if your account is set to public (which it totally needs to be if you are using it for biz) then anytime you publish a post using hashtags, anyone who follows it will see your post on their feed, whether they follow you or not. It’s a powerful, yet simple way to expand your reach without going trolling for followers in that gross way. You know what I’m talking about. 

Play with it. Start adding hashtags to your posts, see how the engagement changes. Figure out what ones work for you and continue to use them. In this way, your followers will grow, and you will get the chance to engage with them more. Engaging with them will help you to find out more about what they need and how you can best serve them. 

Oh, and don’t forget to respond to comments. Yes, all of them. People like to be paid attention to, responded to. It helps them feel liked, which will help them like you more. And the more they like you, the more they are likely to begin to trust you. 

Build relationships. Grow trust. 

And this will help you grow your biz. 

Metrics matter too.

Listen to the podcast that goes along with this post to learn why. Listen on iTunes and Spotify.



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