“But I’m Not a Writer” Mastermind Reflections & Storytelling for Non-Writers​

“I have a message and a story to tell, but I don’t identify as a writer.”

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These eternally perplexing words were uttered more than a few times while I sat at the Mastermind Day I attended hosted by Heather Chauvin of Mom Is In Control last Friday. 

I was sitting in a room full of women, creators, disruptors, innovators and business owners all of them. Some beginners, some more seasoned, all passionate and dedicated to creating some kind of change in the world. Maybe it was in their home, their community, their industry, they were all there because they felt the call deep inside to create change. 

Heads nodded around the room, and I found myself wondering why. 

Now, I get that not everyone is naturally inclined to put words onto paper and get them published. If that were the case, there would be no such thing as rejection letters (of which I have my fair share). 

What I do know is that we are all storytellers. We are wired for it. Brene Brown talks endlessly about her research that bears out that humans are wired for story, and that we are natural born storytellers. 

Maybe your grammar isn’t great. Who cares? Mine isn’t either. Maybe you tend to misspell a word here or there. That’s what the edit button is for. I think that this is what people mean when they say “I don’t identify as a writer.” As in, that’s not their calling. They don’t feel driven to the keyboard or pen and paper like I do. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a story to tell, or that they are incapable of telling it through the medium of words. 

We all tell stories. We tell them to ourselves, about ourselves, and create the person we are in the world. Stories are how we communicate and learn. It’s how we define our reality. And as change makers, stories are the most powerful tool you have to influence the people who look to you for leadership, inspiration, and hope. 

If this is you if you don’t identify as a writer, why? What is underneath that story? Because it is a story. Unlike my not being a pro basketball player, we are all storytellers. So, what is stopping you from telling yours?

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