How to Tell​ Your Story to Your People. Storytelling, Audience, ​and Connection.

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One of my top people to follow as a business owner and a parent is Heather Chauvin.

I love Heather and consequently her work because I feel like she gets me. Her struggles with her kids, and with parenting resonate so deeply with my own that I feel like she looks into the deepest corner of my soul and sees the things about me that I barely even tell myself. 

When I follow her social media, watch her Instagram stories, listen to her podcasts and attend her events, I feel like I am with my people. 

I have talked to other people who follow her and they tell me the same thing, that she seems, somehow, to be inside their heads. And that she is just so real. No posturing, no fake smiles, no bullshit. And we all love it, and her as a result. 

The stories she tells are real stories. Vulnerable stories, about how she used to yell at her kids, or how she realized that she was being borderline abusive, and felt completely out of control of her own anger. This was when realized it was time for a change. 

And being an ambitious go-getter, she went after it. 

She tells stories of depression, and retreat into sleep as her drug of choice, of struggle, tears, cancer, fear, and success. 

She makes people feel seen, and heard, and not alone like they so fear that they are. 

This is the power of storytelling. 

Now, knowing her, I know that she doesn’t “identify as a writer”. Her grammar isn’t the greatest, she misspells words sometimes and isn’t confident in her ability to write well. From my perspective as part of her audience, this is total bullshit. Her posts are authentic, raw and magnetic. The cadence of her words is honest and straightforward, and she has this way of cutting right to your heart without ceremony or manipulation. 

This, to me, is skill. So what if her grammar isn’t great? Who cares if she makes a spelling mistake here or there? Perfection isn’t what is important when it comes to storytelling. Honesty is. Connection is. Truth is. 

Do you struggle with building your audience? 

Do you avoid storytelling? 

Do you have stories that you hide because you are afraid that people will think less of you if you share them? 

Do you have stories that you hide even from yourself?

Let’s get into that. 

In the weeks to come, I am going to dig deeper into storytelling. I want to know what you are afraid of, why you avoid it, and how I can help. I am designing a workshop, and I want it to help you hone your storytelling skills so that you can feel confident putting them out into the world 

Because it is through sharing our stories that we will create change. 

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**Check out her website

**Join her Facebook Community 

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