Big Ideas, Little Boxes

Everyone I have ever talked to that is in a position of leadership, or is building a platform has a HUGE IDEA that is driving their work. 

Like, change the whole fucking world on a molecular level style huge. It’s super inspiring. 

It also presents a serious challenge. 

How do you fit a HUGE IDEA into a little tiny box?

I don’t know about you, but mini-blogging on social media always leaves me skimming whatever the author wrote and wondering why they didn’t just post a blog.

I think this is evidence that the person writing that giant post has an equally giant idea, and they are flummoxed as to how to make it fit into a tiny, consumable bite that they can post on social. 

In my experience, three things help with this. 




Let’s unpack, shall we?

Clarity is key, specifically around the main themes that run through your big idea. There are always a couple, and it’s sometimes hard to see them from the inside of the idea. What do I mean by that? When it’s your idea, you are inside of it. It can be so helpful to have someone help you unpack your idea, listen to you, and help you to identify these through lines. Not to toot my own horn (ok, totally tooting my own horn, let’s be real) but I am really good at this. I can listen to someone talk about their big idea and help to identify those through lines. I can’t explain how I do it, it’s just a magical quality I possess. 

It also helps to have clarity around your target audience. Who are you wanting to communicate this big idea to? Who is it meant for? How will it help them? The more specific you can be about this person, the better your chances of killing it when you write your posts for your social. 

Precision follows from here. Once you are really clear about the main through lines, and who your people are, you can begin to tune your words to match their needs. I have talked about this before, but you have to communicate with people at the level that they are at, or they won’t hear you. If you are looking to teach them something, or help them change, they are not at your level. This means that your lexicon won’t be the same as theirs. You need to use their words, and then slowly step them into the new territory in a way that feels safe, challenging, and empowering. This is precision. 

Storytelling is how you create connection. Your people want to know that you are human. This is a new skill that I am exploring myself because for a very long time I told myself I wasn’t a natural story teller. Fact is, I need to be, and so do you. Without stories, your message is cold, and feels preachy. I have been…ahem…accused of being preachy more times than I care to count. It’s because I was only showing the knowledge I had, and not all the mistakes I made on the way to acquiring it. There were lots of them, and relating that helps people realize that I am just like them. This principle will work the same way for you too. Humans want you to be human. Perfection is scary, intimidating, and can even become obnoxious depending on how it’s presented. Stories help your people feel that wonderful “omg, it’s not just me” thing that will foster a much deeper connection with you as a leader. 

Last but not least, consistency is key. In order for you stay front of mind with your people, you need to be consistently visible. Post regularly on social. Maintain a regular blog posting schedule. Post podcasts regularly. Have a predictable launch pattern so that your people learn to trust that you are there, and come looking for your stuff when they hit up their Instagram, Facebook, inbox, or whatever medium is your jam. Consistency fosters trust. 

If you want to dive deeper into this work with me, I am opening up a new block of 10 one on one intensive sessions that will start on March 18. They always fill pretty quickly, so if you are feeling like this is for you, email me here, and we can see if you’re a right fit. 

The sessions are 90 minutes, and you will come away with clarity, precision, and storytelling skills as well as a plan for 20 weeks worth of content so you can spend less time struggling with your social, and more time doing the work you love. ❤ 

With love, 


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