How to Work with Words

“The word ‘word’ means sound with meaning” Guru Singh 

In the world of the internet, we communicate through the written and spoken word. This is true not just through the internet, but in the internet world of leadership and heart centred transformative leadership, the words you use to talk to your people are the tool with which you create connection. 

Words mean things. 

There are a couple of levels to this. 

Firstly, words have definitions. If you look any word up in the dictionary (or on google, let’s be real) it has a very specific and concrete definition. It also has a history of how it evolved into meaning that thing. This is called etymology. How words evolve, where they come from, and digging into this often gives you insight into the deeper meaning of a word. 

On another level, the same word can evoke different feelings and stories and meanings in different people. Our lexicon, as much as we share a language, is not universally shared. 

What are some words that you like to use that you find don’t land well with others? Share below 

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