Why Women are afraid to Piss People off

“Why play safe when you can play powerful”

Lisa Nichols 

Are you playing it safe with your content because you are afraid to piss people off? 

As women, we are taught to please others. To nurture others. To make the sacrifice of our own power in order to ensure that the people around us are comfortable. 

We are not comfortable challenging others, making them uncomfortable. Let’s be real. It pisses people off and that makes us super uncomfortable. 

But the degree to which we piss people off is the degree to which we equally resonate with others and lift them up. 

The work the women before us did was to break the chains that bound womankind in smallness and service to the patriarchy. They did the work to get us the vote, the right to work alongside men, the right to be alive in our wholeness. The right to speak in every forum. The right to our fair share of equality. And I am so fucking grateful to all of them. Their blood, sweat, tears, and the lives of those who gave them in service to buying our equality were given with full hearts and I will not allow them to go to waste.

Women today are doing different work. Now that we have the rights we deserve, we are working to define what space we are actually made to inhabit. As women, we are not men, and attempting to be the same as them is not exactly in service to what it means to be a woman. The vote, the voice, the right to be treated as equal human beings was critical. We needed that in order to be able to do the work we need to do now. We need to find what we WANT. What does it mean to be a woman in this world? How are we called to show up? What space are we meant to inhabit and how can we be of service to the world while also being true to our deepest selves? This is not to say that the feminine nature will be the same for every woman, what I more mean is that as women we are now looking inside of ourselves and listening to our deep intuitive voice. Who am I? What is in my soul? What lights me on fire? How do I channel the immense creative force that is inherent in my femininity in a way that will move humanity to its next evolution? 

When we as women in business and leadership play safe with our content, we are cheating the world of our power. And we are fucking powerful. We have the power to create life. Even if you have never had children, even if you can’t. Even if you don’t want to. The nature of your creation is that you are connected to the power that creates worlds. 

You WILL piss people off when you stand in your power. Does that scare you? It sure did me. But the more I stepped into my own power, and my own deep internal truth, the more I realized that I didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought. I know, deeply, that the world needs me, needs my righteous anger, needs my leadership and needs me to stand in my power. Humanity needs me to not be afraid of pissing people off. 

Why play safe? Because safe means SAFE. Powerful means maybe not safe. And that is fucking scary. 

Be scared. I know I am sometimes. 

But I’m not afraid of my fear anymore. I know that my fear is telling me that in that direction lies growth, lies expansion, lies challenge, and therefore lies FREEDOM. 

Take heart. We are a small link in the chain of women that has led from our smallness to where we are now. Women who risked, and fought, bled, marched, were imprisoned and died fighting for what you and I now maybe take for granted. We serve them, we honour them by taking the gift they gave us and using it to forge our own links of truth, power, and change. We walk it in our lives, we teach it to our children and give them the tools they will need to forge their own links in the golden chain of our human lineage. 

Women who are not afraid of their own power terrify people because women who have stepped into their own power seem to threaten every structure that builds our society. When we stop holding back, what does not work will crumble and something entirely new will rise in their place. 

It’s HUGE. And it’s scary. 

And it’s time. 

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