Leadership is Scary

When I first started this journey of stepping out, getting visible, posting regularly, and generally putting myself out there, I was scared shitless. 

I know, I have said this before. 

You can ask my coach. We talked around this issue for months before I finally made the shift from indecision and procrastination into action. 

I waffled. I hemmed. I hawed. I generally just didn’t get it done.


If you had asked me at the time, I would have said that I didn’t know, except that the truth was that I did. I had no certainty, no guarantees. There was no hard and fast anything that said that if I stepped out, I would be heard, valued, or successful. 

And holy balls, that was scary. 

There was no rubric for success.  

Remember in school how they gave you a sheet of paper when you started an assignment that told you exactly what you needed to do succeed? All you had to do was follow that to the letter and you would get a good grade. I loved that. I thrived on good grades, and I got lots of them. 

Here, in leadership, in entrepreneurship, there is no rubric for success. You have to try and fail, over and over again until you finally succeed. You have to piss people off, get seriously uncomfortable, and generally throw noodles at the wall until one finally sticks. 

It’s a constant process of action and adjustment as you refine your way to success. 

The scariest part is: YOU HAVE TO ACT FIRST. 

And that is scary as fuck. 

No A’s, no metrics, no rules, and no rubric. No one evaluating your performance but you. 

And in a world where we are taught to measure our worth by our rate of success, it’s risky and uncomfortable and downright terrifying. 

This is why I recommend doing scary things in groups. 

I have a bunch of women around me who hold me accountable to my goals. In turn, I do the same for them. When I am scared shitless, confused, unclear, procrastinating, and otherwise not getting shit done, I turn to one of them. They talk me through my bullshit, call me out where appropriate, and cheer me on through every roadblock, obstacle, failure, and success. They are the reasons I have made it this far. 

It’s less scary if you have people to hold your hand, but don’t let this fool you, in the end, it’s still YOU who has to take the action. 

Shout out to all the accountability partners, wise women’s councils, and boss babe groupies who help us through. We couldn’t do it without you. 

Tag yours in the comments. 

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