How being Pissed Off can help you Change the World 

“Anger is a great catalyst, but a terrible companion”

Brene Brown

There are so many things happening in the world today that piss me off. 

Climate change. 

Willful ignorance. 




Plastic bags.




I could seriously go on and on. 

Every single day I see something or read something or hear something that just makes me want to smash my head off of my desk, crawl into my bed and give up. 

Like, really?!

How can this really be happening?

It used to make me feel really helpless until I realized a very important thing. 

If I am hiding under the covers, then who is doing the work to make change? If I’m not doing it, who am I to expect others to?

I hated feeling angry. It’s not one of my favourite emotions, and I don’t think I am alone in that, but the truth is that anger is an important emotion. First off, it’s a part of a full human experience. If I deny, stuff, or hide my anger, I am being fundamentally dishonest with myself and those around me. That’s not in line with who I want to be, as a person who stands for truth, integrity, and personal responsibility. It’s also going to make me sick at some point, if I don’t acknowledge it, express it, and use it to fuel action. 

All of these things that piss me off are the reasons I do the work I do. I believe we are at a critical crossroads, and the actions each of us undertake will have a profound effect on the future. I have kids, and I want the world to be here for them. 

And it is unreasonable of me to expect someone else to make that happen for me. 

Are you pissed off? What is pissing you off? What happens when you are pissed off? How does it make you feel? Helpless? Heavy? Invigorated? Energized? 

It used to pin me to my couch in despair. 

Now it pushes me into action. 

And if you’re not pissed off, well, then you’re not paying attention. 

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