Pissed off = Powerful 

There is this misconception about spiritual living that once you embark upon it, you become all sunshine, kitty cats, unicorns, and rainbows. You become a beacon of positivity. 

For those of us who are walking this path in our lives, it’s been my experience that this perception is false and even kind of dangerous. 

I am embracing my wholeness on my spiritual path, and my wholeness includes my anger. 

And if injustice, oppression, violence, inequality, and flagrant misuse of power don’t piss you off, I question your humanity. Especially if you’re on a spiritual path. 

We live in a world of opposites, what some would call duality. Dark and light, up and down, hot and cold, yin and yang. Day is not complete without night. It’s just how it is here. In the same way, you are not complete without your darkness, your anger. It’s the fire in your belly that can create immense power if harnessed correctly.

Bear with me here because I am going to try to relate something I read once, though I cannot remember where. If you throw a match into a puddle of gasoline, you will get an explosion. A destructive, out of control, explosion. If, however, you put the same gasoline into your cars gas tank, the engine creates the controlled space for fire to be added to it, into order to move your car forward with speed, momentum, and power. 

What am I trying to say here? 

That anger, when harnessed and channeled properly, can be the catalyst for hugely productive power. 

Don’t run from what pisses you off. Lean in. Listen. Listen to your anger. What does it want from you?

It’s the world talking to you, calling you into action. 

Be angry. Take action. 

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