Slow Down to Speed Up

Sometimes you just need a little space. 

Last week I found myself low on energy, and cranky AF. 

I had wrapped a bunch of projects and didn’t have new ones starting for a couple of weeks, which meant I had lots of space in my calendar. I am going be totally honest with you, I spent lots of time reading, napping, in mediation, and generally lazing about. It was glorious, and exactly what I needed. 

As an ambitious woman, I often find myself in the glory of having a lot on the go in my business, not to mention raising my kids and running a house. And even though I am deeply committed to my own self-care, I sometimes find myself with a cup that’s running really low. It sneaks up on me. I’m good until I’m not. 

I used to crash and  burn until someone taught a really important, but very simple principle;

Slow down to speed up. 

Is it a failure for me to take rest when I need it? Is it a character flaw to see a spacious week on my calendar and not rush to fill it up? Is it laziness to spend time enjoying the words I spend so much of my time serving and creating? Does this make me a bad person? Because honestly, my mind tries to tell me that it does. 

But I have to slow down sometimes. And today I am so much the better for it. 

As gratifying as it is for me to serve, support, and do meaningful work with incredible people, that work comes at a cost. And life is still happening around me while I do it. I can’t always predict what life is going to throw my way, how many meltdowns I am going to have to hold space for, what crisis is going to hit, or any number of other things. 

And so taking the space last week to rest, relax, refuel and enjoy becomes critical. I don’t like to crash and burn, and I don’t have to. I can rest when I need to, and I can revel in it while I do it. 

And today, instead of being more whacked out and exhausted, I am feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on what’s coming next. 

What’s coming next, you ask?

* TEDxWindsor tickets are on sale!

* The Storytelling Masterclass LIVE

* The Storytelling Masterclass ONLINE

* A blog tour with an amazing author

* Interviews on the podcast

* And my book launch!

* and so much more….

Are you ready? I am!

Stay tuned, I will be rolling out details for all of these as the time comes, and it’s coming soon!!!!

Onward my dear readers, 



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