We Need to Talk

My dear readers, 

Over the past months, I have been creating content on this blog that has centred primarily around writing great content, how to be a writer, how to attract your ideal audience, and how to bring your dream business into your reality. 

And I am not going to entirely stop doing that, however, I am going to be evolving what I talk about here. 

Some of you might know that I just published my first book. (!!!!!!!) It’s called The Courage Key and it’s about taking back control of your life from out of control, out of balance anxiety. Writing it was an awesome journey, and I want to share some of that with you, but I also want to share with you a great deal more. 

You see, I have been talking about writing your passions. And now I feel like it’s time I started writing about mine. 

My passions include mental health, mental wealth, spiritual wealth, physical health, radical personal responsibility in the face of the climate crisis, parenting, parenthood, and sustainability on all levels of life. 

I haven’t yet decided how I am going to organize the content here so that you can still get the writing support, inspiration, and tips that you love, while also giving me space to explore other topics. 

This book taught me so much about myself, the writing process, and how ideas come through into the world. It also lit a spark in me to write more about the things I am passionate about. 

I love writing, I love writing about writing, and I also love writing about things that light me on fire. 

I suspect that throughout this journey, I will discover more about how to write about your passion and reach your audience as I work to do it myself. 

So, stay tuned, or move on if you need to. I will understand. I do everything I do to serve the highest potential that is available in every moment to every single one of us, and if your highest good right now is served by moving on, then do so knowing that you are loved, you are respected, and I am grateful that you have been here. Go forth and amplify your magic, for you are stardust trapped in a meat suit, powered by lightning, and spirit. There is nothing more magical than you. You are a miracle. 

And if you are sticking around, I am excited to open this next chapter with you. I have interviews planned for the podcast with some incredible authors and content creators, I will be talking more about my new book, more about anxiety, courage and leadership, and more about everything I listed above. I can’t wait to get started. 

With love, 


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