What is your TEDx talk going to be about? 

I know you want to do one, heck, I want to do one. And I will. One day. When it’s time. For now, I am committed to the incredibly rewarding work of being a part of the team that makes this event real in our city year after year. This might only be our second year and my first on the team, but I am hooked. 

See, TED is about ideas worth spreading. It’s about challenging norms, shaking up thinking, and inspiring people to create change in their lives and communities. And it’s also about inviting people who have incredible ideas to share them on the red carpet under the spotlight. 

It’s an honour to be a part of it. 

I am not asking you to fill out an application today, though if you are inspired to do so, go for it! What I am asking you is, what is your idea? What idea have you been carrying in your head forever, nurturing, growing, and maybe hiding away? The world needs these ideas. We need you. We need you to be scared shitless and do it anyway. To take the risk and put your idea out there, and maybe just change some minds, changing some thinking, and dare I say, change someone’s life. Maybe lots of someones. 

See this kid? He’s 11. He was easily the crowd favourite, and I know because I asked every single person I talked to throughout the day who theirs was. Most of them said him. 

If this kid can get up on that stage and slay, what’s stopping you? 

Here’s my challenge for you today – drop a comment on this blog, or on the social media post that brought you here and tell me what your TEDx talk would be about. Declare it. Because if you want it, you have to let the universe know. You won’t change lives by keeping your idea safe inside your head. The first step is putting it out there. 

I dare you. 

I double dog dare you. 

Take a deep breath, write it out, and hit post. 

See? That wasn’t so hard now was it?

I’m proud of you. 

You took the first step. 

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