The Time Will​ Pass Anyway. 

It’s the people you don’t expect that deliver the gems that change the game. 

I have a friend in Australia. Yes, I know it’s a big place, but I’m not sure exactly what part of Aussieland she lives in, the beauty of online friends (whom, incidentally, I am certain are just as good as “real life” friends) is that you aren’t always sure exactly where they live because they live in your phone. 

She recently had a baby incredibly early, 26 weeks gestation I believe, although I could be off by two weeks one way or the other. She and her little family are in the cocoon of growing that little baby until she can survive on her own. The NICU is their home away from home now. 

When I saw this online, I immediately reached out. I knew she needed to know she has an army behind her. And when we were chatting last night, she said to me about my own situation that the time is going to pass anyway. I get to choose how to spend it. 

I didn’t expect this from her. I reached out because I know that in her position I would need all the support possible. I didn’t expect that she would support me right back. She has a big enough heart and a genuine enough soul to know that the difference in our challenges doesn’t make one more or less valid than the other. 

And so today I am choosing to go for a tea date with a friend, chat with another, and keep myself connected. I am choosing joy. I am choosing hope. 

Is this hard? Hell yes. 

Is it possible to make it easier? Totally.

The key for me is that I have to choose to make it easier, or else you will find me sitting on my couch, eating cookies, and willing the time away. And that is not joyful or fun or beautiful at all. 

So, who’s up for a coffee shop date? ❤

Love you all, 


** side note ** if you follow my social, you will see that I am talking about being imperfect when creating. Documenting over creation, and just writing what’s on your heart. This is how it gets done. This is not a perfect blog post. And there was a time when I would never ever have published something like this. And yet here I am, publishing it today. I want you to do that too. Write something imperfect, publish it and share it with me ❤ 

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