Face Down

I don’t feel like it. Not even a little bit.  My head is pounding, paradoxically feeling like it is shrinking like a prune while at the same time being pressed upon from the inside, attempting to hatch like an egg.  I can’t string together a coherent thought, and it has taken me six tries to... Continue Reading →

Back to Day One.

A couple of weeks have passed by, my laptop has sat disused on my desk, and my writing has been neglected.  If I’m honest with myself, I am feeling a bit guilty that the time has passed. What if the momentum I built has gone away? The blank page has sat here, neglected, for weeks.... Continue Reading →

On the Edge of Breakdown

Have you ever had that feeling in your belly that you are on the edge of a full blown emotional breakdown constantly? Apparently calm but inwardly a pressure has been building. Instincts whispering constantly to either hide or run. The effort it takes to maintain calm so completely demanding that bed seems the best place... Continue Reading →

I Don’t​ Know What to Write Today

The cursor blinks on my blank screen. Music plays through my headphones and I open my mind with the question,” What shall I write about today?” I breathe into my belly and pull my navel in softly as the air flows back out.  Moments tumble through my mind that have happened over the last couple... Continue Reading →

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