Finding the Energy to Write 

Writing takes energy.  In fact, writing takes A LOT of energy.  Amiright? It honestly doesn’t matter what you’re writing - you could be writing a book, posts for your social media, copy for your business - it really doesn’t matter. When you’re not skilled at writing, and drilling down into your message to find the... Continue Reading →

Broken Hearted Creativity.

You want to change the world, right? So do I.  And the world needs it. You see that or you wouldn’t be here reading this blog.  The question is, how do we continue to do that when we are getting our asses kicked?  Imagine (or maybe you don’t have to because you are there right... Continue Reading →

The Confidence to Hit Publish

“Confidence isn’t a switch you turn on and off, it’s a foundation you build.” Humble the PoetI have so many people asking me “how do you get the confidence to share your work?” Be it a blog, podcast, social media post, Facebook lives, Instagram story or whatever your medium is, the secret is that YOU DON”T. ... Continue Reading →

How to Plan Great Content

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de St. Exupery If action is where the magic is, then planning is where action starts.  In the same way that you don’t leave on a trip without your trusty Google maps, or favourite GPS, if you are trying to create content without a plan,... Continue Reading →

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