I Don’t​ Know What to Write Today

The cursor blinks on my blank screen. Music plays through my headphones and I open my mind with the question,” What shall I write about today?” I breathe into my belly and pull my navel in softly as the air flows back out.  Moments tumble through my mind that have happened over the last couple... Continue Reading →

The Story I Never Thought I Would Tell

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in the big city, my favourite city, the city that had always felt like home to me. Queen Street West was bustling and busy, as it always was, and I stood on the street outside of the float spa utterly awestruck.  The dizzying spectrum of colours that painted the... Continue Reading →

We Need to Talk

My dear readers,  Over the past months, I have been creating content on this blog that has centred primarily around writing great content, how to be a writer, how to attract your ideal audience, and how to bring your dream business into your reality.  And I am not going to entirely stop doing that, however,... Continue Reading →

The Sociopath in the Cage

Like Hannibal Lecter playing the puppet master of Clarice Starling’s life from inside his locked cell in impossible and invisible ways, so your anxiety lives in the shadows of your mind and pulls strings you don’t even know you have.  It’s the spectre of your mind, quietly, powerfully, stealthily driving your every thought, choice, and... Continue Reading →

The Heart Attack that Wasn’t 

Thumping in my chest.  Tingling in my hands.  Numbness down my left arm.  Pain beneath my left shoulder blade. The certainty that I was facing my own imminent death. These feelings overcame me suddenly as I was sitting at our kitchen table with my husband. I had a strange thumping sensation in my chest that... Continue Reading →

Y Power

If you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing, then you won’t get very far. Let’s rewind about five years.  I was a wreck. I was so overwhelmed with the demands of being a mom to two kids under 7, one of whom has some unique needs, that I was drowning. Every time... Continue Reading →

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